Working from home vs. office

When I (Ravi Makadia) and business partner Milan Kantaria left our jobs we found quickly that working from home was not productive and we felt like an integral part of work life was missing. Working from coffee shops was a good break from getting out of the house, but it was a poor substitute for an actual workplace with the number of distractions present.

I am a full stack web developer and found myself in creative blocks and constantly chatting with Milan about issues even though it was not his field of expertise. We both wanted an office but we didn’t want just any space, we wanted a space where we could socialize and collaborate, the goal was being more creative. “Working” from home completely takes away from this important aspect of working, and as entrepreneurs trying to get our businesses off the ground, this feedback cycle and environment that pushed us to work harder were essential pieces to the puzzle that we were wrong to try and do without.

Having had visited various coworking spaces in San Francisco and San Jose, we both thought that this concept needed to be deployed in Fremont. Especially since Fremont was ranked top U.S. city for tech startups by as cited here by the San Jose Mercury News:

We can go on and on about why coworking works and try and self promote but there has been so much said on the topic already, check out these views on coworking:

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